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Dia dos Namorados – Learn why love is celebrated on a different date in Brazil

Feliz Dia dos Namorados! Wait. But Valentine’s Day is on February 14, right? Well, not in Brazil!

The famous Valentine’s Day is a celebrative day with commercial purposes for lovers to give gifts to each other. But in Brazil, this happens on another date. In North America, Europe, and other continents, the 14th day of February refers to Saint Valentine’s birthdate, who fought for love in tough times. But in Brazil, this date is very close to Carnival, the country’s biggest and most important event.

woman celebrating carnival in brazil

So Brazilians celebrate Dia dos Namorados (Lovers’ Day, in a free translation) on June 12 to refer to June 13, Saint Anthony’s Day, a saint well-known for blessing young couples with a prosperous marriage. Also, June is the month of Festa Junina, a typical festivity that represents many things, including love and marriage – what other time would be more perfect than Festa Junina when love is in the air?

a table full of festa junina typical food
a woman kissing a man in the cheek at a festa junina

Then how should you celebrate Dia dos Namorados? The date might differ from Valentine’s Day, but don’t worry, Brazilian couples of all ages present each other with gifts, flowers, and chocolates, then end the day with a fine dinner (homemade or in a fancy restaurant)!
If you are single, you might feel sad and lonely, although you shouldn’t! You can use apps or even go for the good old date invitation. After all, why not confess your love to your crush and finally enjoy a good wine in the coming of winter with someone you love?

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